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About Us

Since opening in 2021, with the meaning of eternity - forever cherish good relationships, EIEN Whisky Bar wishes to give diners a relaxing space for gentle, cozy meetings after a messy time with daily life.

Inspired by the characteristics of Japanese culture, coming to EIEN Whisky Bar, you can feel the peace between nature, each decorative item is breathed soul in Japanese style, exquisitely arranged by the owner, expressing the intersection between the old and the new, between nature and modern, creating attractions, leaving an unforgettable impression when diners visit the restaurant.

EIEN – With the meaning of “eternal relationship”, it is the name that represents our desire to offer diners a cozy and gentle ambiance after a long fatiguing day. After arriving at Eien Whisky Bar, diners can feel the peace and become enchanted with the serene Japanese-inspired space and its unique set-up.

Under the hands of the owner, Eien is decorated in a way that highlights the intersection of the old and the new, between tradition and modernity, which leaves a deep impression on diners.

Aside from the astonishing selection of Japanese and Eurasian cuisine, Eien Whisky Bar offers a myriad of exquisite Japanese cocktails, made by our talented bartender with an emphasis on delicate flavors and garnishes, which promises to bring you the highest level of satisfaction.

# 一期一会

A Japanese proverb states that everything in life only happens once, which is 一期一会 (ichigo-ichie). In accord with the Urasenke philosophy, each meeting should be treasured because it can only happen once in a lifetime. We cherish and capture every beautiful moment by writing them on wooden cards, which will be kept in a little corner of Eien Whisky Bar.

“Eien Whiskey Bar - More than just a Bar” - The place to balance emotions in the heart of the bustling SAI GON - Là nơi lý tưởng giúp bạn cân bằng cảm xúc giữa lòng SÀI GÒN náo nhiệt.

Ngo Anh


“Creativity will reward you well.” - Sáng tạo sẽ dành tặng bạn phần thưởng xứng đáng.

Uy Vuong


Sài Gòn dạo này không có mưa để buồn, nhưng nếu lỡ bạn có buồn thì hãy ghé qua EIEN để chúng mình refresh lại cuộc sống của bạn và kéo tâm trạng của bạn lên bằng những món ăn hấp dẫn của EIEN

Hau Nguyen


EIEN Whisky Bar
146/6 Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC

+84 96 443 87 88
Open: 18:00 pm – 24:00 pm